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2017 at The Women's Table

What we'll be doing this year and how you can be involved

Leonie, Jacinta and Meredith have done some serious brainstorming over the past few weeks to make sure we have a great line up of speakers and events this year at TWT. Keep watching the website to see exactly what's coming up next. 

What's in the mix?

We've planned a mix of fascinating and informative speakers, interactive sessions, Q&As and even the occasional film screening. We'll look at 'angel investing', avoiding sexually transmitted debt, storytelling and film-making, how far we have come with women's reproductive control, how to get on a board, superannuation, and more as as well as hear inspiring and instructive stories of the twists and turns in women's careers.

Could some group troubleshooting help?

As always we'll also provide time and a safe environment to explore key issues and questions about your own business.

Got your diary out?

So make sure you've got TWT in your diary - make it a recurrent event the second Wednesday of the month every month starting with Wednesday 8 February, 2017.

Are you up for a challenge?

We've thought of some challenges for you too!

  • Bring a young woman to at least one session this year. Let's expand our community of wisdom!
  • And how about putting your hand up to practice your blogging skills? Write the TWT blog after a session and select an image or two to go with it. Your next lunch at TWT will be on us and there's a simple tips to follow! 
  • Share the content on your own website and social media to boost your own profile while supporting the TWT community. 

Email us here if you'd like to get more involved and see you soon at The Women's Table.

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