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Boost your profile with LinkedIn

Meredith Carter

Braving temperatures over 44 degrees  eager TWT supporters recently workshopped why and how to maximise the benefit of being on LinkedIn.
Some of the reasons to be on LinkedIn at all are explored in a taste of the workshop I've posted to TWT Youtube Channel.* One of them is that arguably while we once lived in a world where Word of Mouth was paramount to achieving a great reputation we are now living in the World of Link where connecting is crucial. See more on that idea expounded in a great clip on the Chaos Scenario here
And while LinkedIn is a key platform for professional people to connect there are more men than women currently using it. This means women have more chance to be noticed! So get out there and connect, post, like and comment away on Linked In . 
And while you are at it, why not make sure you have a killer photo** and polish up your profile so that it SHINES: 
S is for Summary - make it great
H is for Headline - don't be satisfied with the default keywords Linked In might suggest
I is for Interesting - post some visuals - publications, certificates, board or company logos**
N is for Network+- show off your network with endorsements and recommendations and groups
E is for Experience - highlight your qualifications, projects, associations 
**Some of you will see that I've refined this mnemonic because the workshoppers didn't really think Notoriety for N quite cut it.
Finally one of the great ways to boost your profile is to be active in groups - not only your group will notice, so do the Linked In analytics. So head off to The Women's Table LinkedIn Group now and join in the conversations.
What's your best LinkedIn tip?
*Thank you once again Mark Lim for the video and Carol Tan for organising the use of RMIT facilities for us.
** Check out Amanda Cornwall's.
*** Who has a Guiness Book of Records citation?
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