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Channel your inner Sarah Perkins and become a thought leader in your industry

Meredith Carter

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I never would have thought that incontinence might stimulate a stellar portfolio career. Until meeting Mish Wright convenor of the Women's Health & Fitness Summit that is! And wow what a wonderfully generous time we had courtesy of Mish at the Women's Table. She jam packed the story of her journey with great tips on how we could all become thought leaders in our field - just some of which I now share with you. Just one of them is that every time she writes an email she affirms her role as a thought leader - those words are in her by-line. But there's more...

5 key tips - first get good

The first of her essential 5 tips is that you better love what you do. That's because you're going to have to practice your craft and make sure you are good at it. No short cuts - though beware staying in learning mode all your life waiting to be perfect. You also need to be able to get up each day and keep going despite disappointments. Think of Women's AFL star Sarah Perkins for inspiration and channel your own inner Sarah if need be.

Create your Naomi

It's essential to know your audience and work for her all the time. Don't try to be all things to everyone. In other words create an avatar and preferably two to cover different ends of your business. Know all about what she likes and pitch to her in all your social media.

Grow your database

And communicate regularly with your database...does everyone on your database know who you are? Think about segregating it.

Add new content to your website regularly

If you don't keep creating content and ensuring its quality content - google will bury you. And what is quality? Well it's back to Naomi - what does she want to know about. A free plug in to help with your SEO

Blog blog and blog again

Every week get up and do your blog. Always use images - and use your pop sentence as the basis of your images. Make sure you put your website address on your image. Get to know CANVA. It allows you to put text on a photo and has lots of great photos and - its free. Upload new fonts though to create a point of difference. Go to 'Creative website' for those. Then re-purpose your social media to get it out there including a regular newsletter to your group with a hook to your blog. Note these days Facebook prefers you post less often but with good quality.

Lots more

There was lot's more. I love how encouraging Mish is of others - unsurprisingly the whole point of the summit is to bring together not just fitness people but thought leaders in the field. And I'm so pleased those of us who were at the Women's Table got the scoop on her latest step in her career - new business manager for a global fitness brand (we'll let her announce it more publicly soon as!).

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