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Girls just want to be farmers (and artists)!

Meredith Carter

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In the midst of all the January madness on a hot (very) summer night the Women's Table held an evening screening of the documentary Nowlan's Daughter, paying tribute to not one but two of the TWT community with both documentary subject and maker present.

Girls just want to be farmers

I'm writing on the eve of International Women's Day and it seems very appropriate to be thinking about how a gaggle of girls ended up running the family sheep station - something neither they nor their parents had envisaged in their future. The story of how Annabel Nowlan - now a well known Melbourne artist - and her sisters came to run a sheep station is an inspiring feminist fable for the new millennia.


Translated to the silver screen

However it's not such a well known story. Marianne Latham decided to change that with her documentary telling the story and exploring the country that inspire so many of Annabel's much sought after and distinctive 'heavy metal landscapes'.

Marianne's own career as a journalist and filmmaker is distinguished. She's produced hundreds of hours of broadcast television on a number of networks and also featured in a the print media, as a contributing writer for The Age.

In a fabulous setting

The screening was our first evening event and memorably held at Longplay - a secret in itself being a quirky little cinema hidden behind a great little bar and restaurant. The evening was so well attended people were sitting on the floor but despite the crush the mood remained festive and a great time was had by all. For a taste of the documentary you can check out a trailer here:

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