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How to have a portfolio career

and how Kristen Boschma, founder of Whizz Bang Communications got hers...

How do you create a portfolio career? Well for Kristen Boschma it has quite a bit to do with treating yourself as a client. More on that later but to understand Kristen’s journey we go back to the terrible days in December 2014 when the Lindt café siege was unfolding in Sydney.

#I'll ride with you

Kristen decided to do something small but hopefully helpful. To help get the message out of the twittersphere and into the real world she tweeted a pic of her bag with a temporary sticker she’d made for it with the #illridewithyou message on it. Her aim was to make sure her support would be visible not just on twitter but to people travelling with her on the train. And so she also spent a day on public transport holding that bag. Her gesture was part of the viral response covered as far afield as Aljazeera, the BBC World News and the Wall Street Journal website. The global reach of her tweet was ultimately 22 million people.

Think of yourself as your own client

A social media strategist for years with some of Australia’s biggest companies, Telstra and The Age newspaper and Open Universities amongst them, her tweet and handbag sticker show Kristen clearly also has a heart. And she was yearning to take her career in a direction that followed her heart. Then someone who saw her tweet going viral suggested that she was also at that time her own best client. Not too long after she decided to take the plunge and really become her own best client. She went on holidays and didn’t come back to her day job… instead she sat down and wrote herself a business plan.

And plan your business portfolio

And that was the start of what Kristen calls her portfolio career. Her business focus is on big ideas that matter. She also wanted to make sure her business approach accommodates other things that are important to her. Cash flow for example made her nervous so to be sure of regular income the first theme in the business plan was to make sure she had the backup of a part time job.

Make sure it's practical

She really likes sleeping in so the second theme was creating passive income sources such as social media training packs that she licenses to other providers. These ‘set and forget’ strategies mean Kristen can be more selective about the third stream in her business plan - the projects she does for clients who have a big idea or are receptive to big ideas.Add paragraph text here.

But not just about money.

The fourth component of her plan for a portfolio career involves ‘passion projects’ – still under the umbrella of big ideas they are projects Kristen feels will make a difference. They include work with the Asylum Seekers Resource Centre Foodbank. Now she’s also working on some new ideas for Give Back Workshops that will involve art and mental health. paragraph text here.

It makes you think doesn’t it? What might the components of your portfolio career look like and how will you make sure they feed not just your wallet but also your heart?

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