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Partner up! Speed dating for business

Inspiring, creative and practical ideas ricocheted around the room at our speed dating session in July. Jacinta Cubis (pictured above) set us up in pairs for brief but focussed discussions. Notes were scribbled furiously to capture the wisdom of our peers.

Insights from other industries and backgrounds helped a psychotherapist find new words to talk about her services with potential clients. A budding consultant got ideas on how to draw together her many talents to create a targeted offering. We heard about creating client avatars to improve our communication. And everyone got excited about the potential of video testimonials and what format works best on Instagram (follow Jacinta #engageqbis).

After four rounds of speed dating, the discussions continued over lunch. With strategic questions, Jacinta gently pulled us back from going down too many rabbit holes, ensuring we stayed focused on findings answers to those burning questions many sole practitioners and small business owners face. And a shout out for Sophie Read from Concrete Cloud Photography who skilfully captured the enthusiasm and energy of the session with her lens.

The session reminded us of the talent in the room and there was overwhelming support to do something similar once a quarter. So stay tuned for the next one and don’t miss out on free tips and insights from your peers.

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