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What's happening in Australian Philanthropy

And the democratising impact of women's involvement

The impact of women’s involvement in Australianphilanthropy has been profound according to Trudy Wyse and Marion Webster. We couldn't pick two better people than Trudy and Marion to talk about these issues. 

At lunch with the Women's Table in August theydrew on their extensive experience in the philanthropy world to update us with the latest on What's happening in philanthropy. We learned that women have been at the forefront of 'democratising' philanthropy in this country and elsewhere. Initiatives in this category include a shift away from the obscure world of private giving behind closed doors through private funds towards collaborative philanthropy and collective giving as well as donor networks, giving circles and even 'gender-wise' grant-making.

Awarded an OAM for her services to philanthropy and the community, organisations Marion Webster has either co-founded, chaired or otherwise been involved in include Per Capita Australia,.The Funding Network Australia, both the Australian Communities Foundation (ACF), and the Auckland Communities Foundation, Kilfinan Australia, GASP! and Fitted for Work Ltd . She also served as Founding Executive Director of Philanthropy Australia and as National Manager - Charitable Trusts for ANZ Trustees.

Trudy Wyse was the Executive Officer of the Stegley Foundation and in 2014, was a recipient of the prestigious Australian Community Philanthropy Award for Excellence. Together  Marion and Trudy are the principal consultants of the ACF Philanthropy Consulting Service.

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