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Where do you want to go?

Talking with The Women’s Table, Monique Conheady emphasised the importance of developing a clear vision for your business.

Familiar with strategic planning? You already know you need a pretty clear vision of where you want to go before you can work out how you will get there. At lunch with The Women’s Table, Monique Conheady emphasised how worthwhile it can be to take some time to develop that vision.

The woman behind Flexicar, Melbourne’s biggest carshare network, Monique revealed that she met regularly with a group of friends from University for quite some time just working on the vision for a business. The vision was to create a business venture with social and environmental value, contributing to sustainable urban lifestyles.

Another aha! moment crystallised for me in the discussion that followed. It’s the difference between an idea and a vision. Monique and her colleagues initially had no specific idea in mind of what kind of product or service the business might deliver. Tossing around all sorts of ideas to achieve their vision, they ultimately decided on Flexicar as the most viable.  With this idea as the mission of their business Monique became the CEO (and sole employee).  

The success of the group is now legend. Selling the business to Hertz was a further step they saw as validating the original vision and mission.  Hertz had the capital to invest in expanding the enterprise. Selling was another a step in line with the exit plan Monique and her colleagues also had the foresight to create.

What was your aha! moment from Monique’s story? Add a comment here or come along and share at the next Women’s Table event.

Meredith Carter Co-convenor The Women's Table
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